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Faith and Fiction Roundtable: Godric

Godric by Frederick Buechner is one of my all time favorite books. In fact, I don’t think it’s too big a stretch to say it’s one of the great works of our language. It’s a thing of astonishing depth and beauty and anyone that aspires to write should make time to read it. Outside of Shakespeare or Milton, I don’t think I’ve ever read a book so meticulous in its language, so thoroughly winnowed to the kernel of meaning. Wendell Berry often talks of the writer’s craft as an economy of words; a writer’s job is to sweat over his words and spend them with thrift. And that, I think, is where Buechner’s Godric so amazes me. It’s a short book, not even a novel by current standards, yet each word is placed just so and taken as a whole they carry the weight of volumes.

I was delighted, then, to learn that
Godric was this month’s Faith and Fiction Roundtable selection (hosted by My Friend Amy). Each month a small circle of bloggers are selected to read the month’s book and discuss it. A portion of the discussion is then posted on each blog and links are provided to the rest of the conversation. It was a pleasure to discuss one of my favorite books with these folks and I hope you’ll visit each of their sites and maybe even join in the conversation yourself. If nothing else, I hope you’re moved to read one of the great novels of the 20th century.

This month’s Faith and Fiction Roundtable is:

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My Friend Amy

Pete: I love the idea that Reginald's perspective is God's perspective, God's re-write via the lens of Christ. I'd always looked at it as a depiction of the church's white-wash of history (which seems to be the way Godric himself sees it), but I have a feeling your insight is much more in line with Buechner's intent. Thanks for showing me that.

I can't wait to read this book again. Sadly, it's one of those that I never seem to have my own copy of because I'm continually giving them away to someone who hasn't yet read it.
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