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There’s a new review of The Fiddler’s Gun up at Becky’s Book Reviews. Here’s an excerpt:

What did I enjoy about this one? So very much! I love historical fiction. Usually. And this was no exception. A bit violent at times, yes, but what else would you expect in a sea-adventure filled with pirates?! It was exciting, compelling, hard to put down. It's anything but boring! I cared about Fin from the start. And her companions--especially Jack, Knut, and Tan--became important to me as well. The characters definitely felt human--felt flawed--which is a good thing. I would definitely recommend this one. (Especially if you enjoyed The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle.)”

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Fin Button Needs Your Help

I’ve scrounged up an idea for a book trailer for The Fiddler’s Gun and I need your help to pull it off. If you’ve read the book, I need you put the ol’ webcam to use and record your own review of it. It doesn’t have to be a critical review, just tell me what you liked about it, or describe your favorite character, or a scene you enjoyed, or just tell the camera why you think people should read it. You can even read portions if you want, it doesn’t matter. Just get on camera and have fun, be expressive, go overboard, get as crazy as you like. In fact, the crazier the better (extra points to anyone that dresses up as a character.)

Then email the file to, or upload it somewhere that I can download it from (you cannot download video from YouTube,btw), or you can send it to me on a CD if you need to (email me for the address). Once I’ve got enough reviews I’ll add some music and
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Book Club Bundles

A lot of people have asked me how they can help get the word out about The Fiddler’s Gun. The best thing you can do is to talk about it, blog about it, mention it in your twitter and facebook updates or buy a copy for a friend. A few people mentioned another option, though, and that’s Book Clubs. If you are a member of a book club, or know someone that is, that offers a great opportunity to share the book with other people.

So with that in mind, I’m offering two version of a Book Club Bundle in the
Rabbit Room Store. The first is a bundle of (5) signed copies of the book at a discount off $4.00 of the cover price. The second is a bundle of (10) signed copies at a discount of $6.00 off the cover price, that’s nearly half-price. Each bundle-type comes with priority shipping.

This is also a great option for teachers of American History or Literature. If you are interested in buying for your class or your school, please get in touch with me
via the contact page. I’ll be happy to work out an agreeable deal for ordering in bulk if you need more than (10).

Book Club Bundle (5)

Book Club Bundle (10)

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Review at My Friend Amy

There’s a new review of The Fiddler’s Gun over at the book blog My Friend Amy. Here’s an excerpt:

“This is an adventure story and it’s a love story. There are pockets of beautiful writing that will still your heart and characters that are impossible not to feel for. And it’s also a bit of historical fiction! Truly, The Fiddler’s Gun is reading at its best.”

Click here to read the entire review.

Review at

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Kate Hinson at The Quirky Redhead Blog has a review up of The Fiddler’s Gun.

Here’s an excerpt:

This book is not a light, entertaining read that you toss aside once finished and never think of again. It is so much more. There is depth, emotion and characters that you will care about. There is excitement, battles and mutiny. Though full of all these things, it also explores the simple yet universal desire to find a home, a place where you are chosen just for who you are. And that is something that anyone should understand.

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The Fiddler's Gun: Letters

Most folks should have received their copies in the mail by now. I hope you are all cozying up in a chair by the fire and getting to know Fin, Peter, Jack, Knut and all the rest. If you’re a Tier 2 Patron, though, you might be thinking, “What about that Letters to Peter Companion book I was supposed to get!”

Never fear. It’s coming. I ran into a bit of a delay in getting them printed but they will be on their way just as soon as possible. I like to think that the delay is fortuitous in the end because the book, titled
The Fiddler’s Gun: Letters, isn’t something that would be terribly informational until one has read the larger story in The Fiddler’s Gun itself. So hopefully...Read the entire post

The Kindle Version

Several folks have asked when The Fiddler’s Gun will be available on the Kindle. The answer: soon, very soon. I spent the weekend working on it and I thought some folks might be interested in the process.

When you create a book for print, the final digital incarnation that gets sent off to the printer is a .PDF file. A PDF displays the book precisely as it will appear in print, each page blocked off perfectly with header and footer, page numbers, the whole kit and kaboodle. What you see is what you get. In a perfect world, eBook readers would be able to display this PDF file and things would be a lot simpler.

The reality is much different...
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