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The Long Road Ahead

The last couple of months have been incredibly busy for me. The release of The Fiddler’s Gun and the Christmas season at the Rabbit Room kept me ragged and tired for the month of December and January was filled with the rigors and long hours of my ‘day job’ where I’m away from home and often too tired at the end of the day to get my mind in the right place for serious writing.

With the arrival of February, there’s an end in sight. I’ll be back home in Nashville soon and hope to have a few weeks, if not a month or so, to really buckle down get some work done.
Fiddler’s Green, currently at around 50,000 words, is about half-written. With my typical writing goal of 1000-1500 words a day that means I’ve still got well-over a month of non-stop, butt-in-chair work to do just to get it all down and ready for rewrites, revisions, and edits. My hope is to put it in your hands by Christmas so I really need to get busy and I might have to bump that word goal up into the 2000 neighborhood.

Experience has taught me that the absolute enemy of a writer is inconsistency. Writing, and more accurately, long form prose, requires a schedule. It’s a labor that relies on a well-exercised muscle and when that muscle falls into atrophy it’s no quick task to bring it back up to operating level. For the past months, I’ve rarely put the writing muscles to use and now that I’m sitting here trying to flex them again, it shows.

The words you are reading right now are, in some ways, little more than procrastination. In other ways, however, they are the stretch before the marathon.

When I get back to Nashville, I intend to run. Time to write. And I’m looking forward to it. The road leads through some dark and beautiful country and the miles ahead may leave my feet blistered and swollen. Wish me well, Fin’s gone far astray and I’m anxious to bring her home.

Delivering Letters

 Letters Cover 2
I’m happy to announce that The Fiddler’s Gun: Letters has finally gone to print. I approved the proof on Friday and the presses are rolling. The book is a collection of sixteen letters and other documents that detail some of the further adventures of Fin Button during the course of the events recounted in The Fiddler’s Gun.

If you followed the “Letters to Peter” feature on the site, some of this material will be familiar to you but it has now been edited, expanded, and bound in one volume. Who is Wilberforce Octavian Albemarle III? What is the mystery of the Boot Snuffler? And what is the Baker’s Grail? These letters hold the answers.

Also, included is a sneak peek at an excerpt from
Fiddler’s Green.

This special companion to
The Fiddler’s Gun is being printed in a limited run of 100 signed and numbered copies. Each of my Tier 2 Patrons will receive their copy in the mail, free of charge. The remainder will be for sale, exclusively at the Rabbit Room store and when they’re gone, they are gone forever (though I do hope to make a digital version available at a later date.)

Here’s a look at the introduction...
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The Puckerbrush Book Club

The Puckerbrush Blog and Online Book Club is getting ready to read The Fiddler’s Gun. If you haven’t read it yet, visit the site and find out how you can purchase a copy at the special book club price. If you’ve already read the book, you are still welcome to join in and participate in the discussion. Participants will each receive the special bookmarks and digital copies of The Fiddler’s Gun: Letters included in the Book Club package. Be sure to download the Discussion Guide as well.

I’m looking forward to engaging with the club once they’ve finished the book.

Click here to join.

Book Club Package

Quite a few readers have mentioned that they would love to introduce The Fiddler’s Gun to their book clubs so I’ve put together a package for any club that’s interested. If you think The Fiddler’s Gun might be right for your group, contact me and tell me a little about the club (including your website if you have one), and I’ll send you a free review copy (limit one per club).

Here’s the rest of the package I’ve put together:

  • Discount pricing - Book Club Bundles in quantities of 5 ($10 ea.) and 10 ($8 ea.) are already available from the Rabbit Room Store but if you have members that aren’t local we can set up a specially discounted purchasing plan just for your club so that each member can order the book individually at the discounted price.
  • The Fiddler’s Gun: Letters - This special companion to the novel is being printed in a limited edition of 100 signed and numbered copies. But book clubs reading The Fiddler’s Gun will receive the digital version for free to distribute to their members.
  • Custom Bookmarks - Once the books have been purchased for your club, you’ll also receive a package of The Fiddler’s Gun bookmarks specially printed with the name of your club.
  • Discussion Guide - Once you’ve read the book, the discussion guide is available for download by clicking here.
  • Author Participation - Interested in a Q&A chat session, an interview, or participation on your website? Just contact me by clicking here and let me know what works best for you. I’ll do my best to accommodate whatever will serve your club the best.

If you’re part of a club and have any other ideas, I’m all ears. Just drop me a line and I’ll be happy to consider your suggestions.
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Now Available

I’m happy to announce that The Fiddler’s Gun is now available at I’d certainly prefer that everyone bought it from the Rabbit Room Store where artists receive a 75% royalty on sales, but I suppose that not everyone is familiar with The Rabbit Room (yet) and I’ve decided to forgive them.

But wait! There’s more: also has the book
available in Kindle format for you e-reader types (like me). You can now own The Fiddler’s Gun for your Kindle for a meager $8.99 and start reading it in less than a minute. Unfortunately, Kindle owners won’t be privy to the fine glossary of nautical terms in the printed book, nor the finely textures pages with deckled edges, nor the beautiful cover artwork by Evie Coates, nor the expertly designed interior layout. Those special touches are reserved for the real book geeks (also like me).

If you’ve already read the book, I’d be eternally grateful if you would take a minute of your time to visit the book’s pages and leave a customer review to let the vast internet masses know what you thought of it and why they also ought to read it without delay. Of course, if you thought it was rubbish I’d be more grateful if you lied and said otherwise. I’m not condoning lying, mind you, just nudging you toward a looser interpretation of the rating system.

Click here to post your review in the Kindle Store.

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Right now you are asking yourself, “OTEOTDSOD? That’s one heck of an acronym. What madness could it possibly abbreviate?”

Allow me to enlighten.
On The Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness--possibly one of the greatest book titles of our time and certainly one of the longest and most hilariously redundant. This first book of my brother’s Wingfeather Saga is now available in audiobook version on iTunes for the ridiculously low price of $3.95. Yup, that’s eight hours of British-accented Wingfeather goodness for just four bucks!

What are you waiting for?
Get ye to this link and find out why children all over America are drawing Toothy Cows, fearing Fangs of Dang, and dreaming of Booger Gruel.

Pubcast Interview

Pubcast album art farpoint
I did an interview last week with fellow Rabbit Room writer, Travis Prinzi. Travis is the ridiculously intelligent mind behind The Hog’s Head (.org) website where he’s dedicated his smarts to exposing the Harry Potter books for the deep and wonderful stories they are. Don’t mistake it for just another fan site, it’s much more. The Hog’s Head is Potter for scholars, Travis foremost among them. He’s also the author of Harry Potter & Imagination and Hog’s Head Conversations.

In the pubcast we talk a bit about the origins, publication, and future of
The Fiddler’s Gun. Follow this link to listen.