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Book Clubs and School Visits

Kate and Amy
Kate and Amy’s Book Club will start their discussion of The Fiddler’s Gun in two weeks. If you haven’t read it yet, there’s still time to get started. For full details, including how to get a copy for a rock bottom price, see my previous post here.

In a little over a week I’ll be visiting the Battle Ground Academy in Franklin, Tennessee to talk to students about both the book itself and writing in general. The art of storytelling is something that’s near and dear to my soul and I look forward to sharing some of that passion with students. If you’re a librarian or teacher and you’re interested in hosting a similar event at your school, contact me and we’ll set up the details.

In other news...
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Faith’n'Fiction Roundtable

This month I participated in the Faith ’n Fiction Roundtable discussion of Tobias Wolff’s In the Garden of North American Martyrs, a collection of short stories. Wolff is an incredibly perceptive writer. Throughout the collection he deftly draws an array of characters that are complex, interesting and often mystifying. The conversation is moderated by book blogger My Friend Amy and different parts of the discussion can be found by visiting the blogs of the other participants.

The Quirky Redhead
My Friend Amy
Strange Culture
Rebelling Against Indifference

I hope you’ll read along and join in the conversation...
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Amazon Breakthrough Novel

A few months ago I entered The Fiddler’s Gun in the competition for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. There were initially 5000 entrants in my category (Young Adult) and last month I learned that the book made the first cut and was in the top 1000. That was fun and a bit encouraging but I didn’t give it too much weight because the top 1000 is still so far from anything remotely remarkable that it wasn’t worth bothering over.

Yesterday they announced the books that have moved into the Quarterfinals (top 250) and I was much more excited to learn that The Fiddler’s Gun made this cut. The judges based their decisions on the first three chapters and you can click here for their critiques and download the chapters and read them for yourself (and leave your own review.)...Read the entire post

No Man's Land

The gnome has been faithful these last few weeks. My writing goal is 1000 words a day, a number that I find is just right for me. It’s a small enough number that I can squeeze the words out when they aren’t flowing and still feel like I’ve accomplished something, and it’s also big enough that the feeling isn’t trivial. I also find that it’s a small enough goal to leave me feeling really positive on the good days when the story is coming easy and I’m able to put out 1500 or 2000 words at a clip. Thankfully, there have been a lot of those good days lately.

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Through the Creator's Eyes

My creative engine is a stubborn thing. Much like my poor motorcycle (Mr. Miyagi), if it sits too long, going unused and ignored, it takes a significant investment of work to get it back into shape. In Mr. Miyagi's case, he needed a new battery and a lot of elbow grease. My writing muscle, however, needed me to plant my butt in a chair and crank the gears by hand for a while. And let me tell you, when the gears are rusty, they don't like to be cranked.

Thankfully, things are running smoothly now. I'm hitting and exceeding my writing goals almost everyday and Fiddler's Green is a real joy to be writing.  In an earlier post I wrote this of the writing of the book...Read the entire post

Join the Club!

Kate and Amy
Great news!

Ubiquitous book blogger Amy, of the My Friend Amy blog and the decidedly quirky Kate of The Quirky Redhead blog have joined forces to launch what will probably be recorded in history books as “the most quirky and friendly facebook book club in the history of quirky, friendly facebookery.”

I intend to write these history books. So you can’t say it won’t happen.

Further proof that this collaboration is founded in fine good sense is their choice of
The Fiddler’s Gun as their launch title. I have it on good authority that Kate has even acquired a number of copies that she’s mailing out to members for a well-nigh unbelievable low price. If you are reading this, and you haven’t read the book then straightaway you’d best join the action, get your copy, and enjoy the coming discussion. Don’t worry, the discussion proper won’t start until April 15th so you’ve still got time to get your nose into the book, download the discussion guide, and formulate your opinions.

If you
have read the book. Thank you, you are my hero. And as a good and proper hero I’m sure that you are at this very moment zeroing in on the link below with your mouse, dutifully intent on joining the fun. If nothing else, drop by and let others know what you thought of Fin and her story.

Hope to see you there. Here’s the link:

Kate and Amy’s Facebook Book Club