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An Adventure in Self-Publishing

After spending most of the past decade writing, editing, and refining this book it's finally come time to publish it. Time to set it loose on the world and see how it fares.

I can hardly wait to get it into the hands of you, the reader, but I didn't spend years creating something that I love just to rush it out the door in a poorly put together package. I want to create something that satisfies, something that readers will be proud to have on their bookshelves.

I believe in the book and I believe it's worth spending time and effort to do it right. Because self-publishing is so often done wrong (
terrifying examples) I’ve been wary of going the self-published route for a long time. But the changing face of the publishing industry, the sheer number of possibilities available, and the belief that this is something that can be done and done well outside the framework of traditional publishing has changed my mind.

I hope this site will be a window into the process of turning what is presently nothing more than a large Word document into the book that you will one day hold in your hand. Maybe you’ll even learn something along the way--I know I will.

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