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Back to Work

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Zounds! It’s been a long time since we had an update around here. At last, I’m back home in Nashville and I’m ready to dive in and get back to work. The old day job has been so busy for the last month and a half that I had to put a hold on just about everything else. Thankfully, that project is over and I’m back on track. Time to write. Time to edit. Time to publish a novel. I’m excited.

The editing is roughly 3/4 done, I have a meeting this afternoon with Evie Coates, my cover artist, and I’ll be on the phone this week with the printer to hammer out those details. I hope to be deep into type setting before the month is out.

Stay tuned, I think I spotted a musty old letter tucked away in the corner that needs transcribing, and I’m fairly certain there are a couple of short stories lurking around the hard drive waiting to be dusted off.