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One of the challenges of independent publishing is that I don’t have the benefit of a promotional team to help generate interest in the book. It’s all up to me, or me and anyone I manage to talk into helping. So I spend a lot of time wracking my brain for ways to put the word out. The result of one such brain-wracking session was to print bookmarks.

Using the character artwork that Chris Koelle did a few years ago I put together a simple 2x6 graphic and a short pitch for the back of the bookmark then I sent it off to a couple of friends for a critique. My brother suggested I send it to Brannon McAllister at
Portland Studios to get his advice as well. He was kind enough to add a few more finishing touches to give it a little extra professional shine.

The artwork has now been sent off to the printer and a crisp, shiny bundle of bookmarks should be arriving in my mailbox any day now. The plan is to include a bookmark with each book order from
The Rabbit Room and I’ll be carrying a supply of them wherever I go to leave laying around in appropriate places. So if you happen to be at the coffee shop or the bookstore and find one on the table, feel free to look around and yell my name, I probably left it there.

Here’s what the final product will look like:

TFGbookmarkSnapshot 2009-05-24 17-50-10