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Amazon Breakthrough Novel

A few months ago I entered The Fiddler’s Gun in the competition for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. There were initially 5000 entrants in my category (Young Adult) and last month I learned that the book made the first cut and was in the top 1000. That was fun and a bit encouraging but I didn’t give it too much weight because the top 1000 is still so far from anything remotely remarkable that it wasn’t worth bothering over.

Yesterday they announced the books that have moved into the Quarterfinals (top 250) and I was much more excited to learn that
The Fiddler’s Gun made this cut. The judges based their decisions on the first three chapters and you can click here for their critiques and download the chapters and read them for yourself (and leave your own review.)

From what I understand, the competition now moves to Publisher’s Weekly who will read each manuscript in its entirety and judge it based on character development, originality of idea, plot, prose/style, and strength overall. Based on those scores, 50 manuscripts will move on to the Semifinals.

So here’s hoping that I’ll be able to write another update next month to announce the book has made the next cut. If not? No worries. I’m happy that folks have been enjoying it either way.

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