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Cover Artist: Evie Coates

Rose in the Western Sky
I’m really happy to announce that Nashville artist Evie Coates will be designing the cover of The Fiddler’s Gun as well as working in a creative advisor capacity to help guide the overall look and design of the book. If you’ve never seen any of her work then get thee to clicking and go visit this link to check some of it out. While you’re at it check out her blog as well, she’s a wonderful writer (

Evie’s primary field is the creation of assemblages and I’ve posted pictures of a few of my favorites for you. Aside from assemblage though, she’s also a talented illustrator, painter, and graphic artist. She has a brilliant sense of how imagery and symbols and seemingly unrelated things can come together to tell a story and I’m excited to see how she uses her gifts in the cover design. She’s a fan of the book and I trust her eye for symbolism, meaning, composition and story enough to know that she’ll bring something unique and beautiful to the final product.

I’ll share some of our ideas in another post and intend to let you in on our thought processes and decisions as we work toward publication. I’m excited.
Night Harvest
Winter EveningAdventure is Worthwhile
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