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Article at Curator Magazine

Jenni Simmons at The Curator magazine recently wrote a great review and article about The Fiddler's Gun. Here's an excerpt:

“I’ve stated before that I loathe reading most accounts of history – dry textbooks, facts, and such. But the grand scope of reality, I believe, is that we dwell in history framed by a much bigger story written by One greater than us all. Great books like
The Fiddler’s Gun give a lifelike voice to the historic characters on whose fictional shoulders we stand. We peer into Fin’s story through the eve and eye of The Revolutionary War. There’s her best friend Peter LaMee, her foe Sister Hilde; humor, romance, betrayal, grand ships, swearing sailors, pirates, gallows, Red Coats, Tories, and the hunger for American independence. Though within the epic framework, Fin just craves acceptance and love, to be an orphan no longer – to belong.

She has the endearing, headstrong spunk of Swede Land (
Peace Like a River), which sometimes finds her in dire predicaments. As a stubborn female going through difficult times myself, I was heartened by the honesty of this young woman’s suffering, and the merciful shielding from the very worst case scenarios. In the darkness, there was always hope. She learned to do as her friend, the orphanage cook Bartimaeus, often advised, “Beautiful, that’s what you got to do with that hurtin’, you got to turn it beautiful.” And too, a good, tall tale does this for us all, thanks to the author. Peterson made Fin’s pain and peril beautiful with salvific strokes.”

Click here to read the entire article at Curator magazine.

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