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The Fiddler's Gun: Letters

Most folks should have received their copies in the mail by now. I hope you are all cozying up in a chair by the fire and getting to know Fin, Peter, Jack, Knut and all the rest. If you’re a Tier 2 Patron, though, you might be thinking, “What about that Letters to Peter Companion book I was supposed to get!”

Never fear. It’s coming. I ran into a bit of a delay in getting them printed but they will be on their way just as soon as possible. I like to think that the delay is fortuitous in the end because the book, titled
The Fiddler’s Gun: Letters, isn’t something that would be terribly informational until one has read the larger story in The Fiddler’s Gun itself. So hopefully, you’ll forgive the delay and rest in the fact that sometime in the next few weeks, after you’ve finished the primary story, there’s a little more of Fin and her travels yet to read and you’ll have it in your hands in due time.

For those that didn’t purchase a Tier 2 package but would like a copy, I can tell you that there are yet a few of this limited printing (100 signed and numbered) that haven’t sold and I’ll be sure and let you know when they are available.

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