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Flawless Bookmarks

2ndprint front
Now they’ve done it. The printshop has gone and printed an order of bookmarks without a single flaw. All the art is facing the correct direction, the text resolution is sharp and clear, and they smell like fresh, purply dittos. Okay, I made that last part up. But they do smell fancy and newish. I still have a few of the old “Collector’s Edition” ones if anyone missed their shot. My broker tells me their price on the open market is skyrocketing, so if anybody wants one just click over to the Free Bookmarks page and drop me your address.

The crisp new ones will be included in every order from the
Rabbit Room Store. Go on a shopping spree and buy a CD, or a book, or some sheet music, or a Karmen-Ghia T-Shirt. Actually, it’s more like buying a really snazzy bookmark for $15 and getting a free CD, book, or T-Shirt with it. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is amazing.