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Fin Button Needs Your Help

I’ve scrounged up an idea for a book trailer for The Fiddler’s Gun and I need your help to pull it off. If you’ve read the book, I need you put the ol’ webcam to use and record your own review of it. It doesn’t have to be a critical review, just tell me what you liked about it, or describe your favorite character, or a scene you enjoyed, or just tell the camera why you think people should read it. You can even read portions if you want, it doesn’t matter. Just get on camera and have fun, be expressive, go overboard, get as crazy as you like. In fact, the crazier the better (extra points to anyone that dresses up as a character.)

Then email the file to, or upload it somewhere that I can download it from (you cannot download video from YouTube,btw), or you can send it to me on a CD if you need to (email me for the address). Once I’ve got enough reviews I’ll add some music and edit them together into a fun montage. Then I’ll turn it loose on YouTube and the rest is history.

To top it all off, for everyone who sends in a video clip I’ll ship a free signed copy of
The Fiddler’s Gun to the person of your choosing. I’ll send it to you if you like but if you’re reviewing it, I’m supposing that you don’t need another copy. So what are you waiting for? Lights, camera, action!

P.S. (I reserve the right to stop giving out free copies should this get out of hand.)

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