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Independence Day Special

It's been nearly 228 years since Fin Button, Jeannot Botolph, and the ragged crews of the Rattlesnake and the Esprit de la Mer helped bring an end to the American Revolution. I visited Ebenezer, Georgia last month to pay my respects and I'm happy to report that the church that Peter built is still standing. The oldest continuous congregation in the country still meets there every Sunday.

I gave a couple of copies of The Fiddler's Gun and Fiddler's Green to the Georgia Salzburger Society, the descendants of the immigrants who settled the town, and as I drove away I broke into a sweat at the thought of those people, so intimately familiar with the area's history, cracking my book open and reading it. After all, I'd rearranged dates to fit my needs, I'd renamed important town characters to suit my ear, I'd even sent pirates to pillage their church. These folks might end up really angry with me. I hope not, though. I hope they see through all that and recognize that I was trying to honor their legacy in my own small, and no doubt flawed, way.

The books are also my humble ode to the great, audacious, and unlikely heroes that attended the birth of our country. So in celebration of Independence Day, they are just $7.00 each (for a limited time) in the Rabbit Room store, or you can buy the Fin's Revolution Bundle (both books) for $12.00.

If you're ever in the Savannah area, drive up the road and visit Ebenezer and the orphanage museum. Raise a toast to independence. And tell them Fin Button sent you.

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