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New Book, New Site, New Artwork

Now that there’s a new book on the way, I thought it was only fitting (and necessary) to revamp the website. Take a look around and be sure to check out the Fiddler’s Green page where you’ll find the newly unveiled synopsis of the book.

The manuscript itself is going through its third round of edits and an early review draft has been sent out to a chosen few for feedback and the option of providing endorsements for marketing purposes.

In other news, Evie Coates and I have been meeting for the past couple of weeks to talk up the new cover design and the work she’s done so far is fantastic (see the end of this post for a peek.) She’s finished most of the border that frames the cover (like the first book) and it’s almost as if she reached right into my brian and pulled out exactly what I’d been imagining. She’s good, folks. She’s very good.

So now she’s at work with the watercolors for the background and some of the more subtle layering required to achieve the same look that the cover of the first book had. I hope to have some early composites to show off by the end of September. In the meantime, feast your eyes on this sample of what will eventually be the bottom section of the front cover. So dramatic. I love it.


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