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Now Available

I’m happy to announce that The Fiddler’s Gun is now available at I’d certainly prefer that everyone bought it from the Rabbit Room Store where artists receive a 75% royalty on sales, but I suppose that not everyone is familiar with The Rabbit Room (yet) and I’ve decided to forgive them.

But wait! There’s more: also has the book
available in Kindle format for you e-reader types (like me). You can now own The Fiddler’s Gun for your Kindle for a meager $8.99 and start reading it in less than a minute. Unfortunately, Kindle owners won’t be privy to the fine glossary of nautical terms in the printed book, nor the finely textures pages with deckled edges, nor the beautiful cover artwork by Evie Coates, nor the expertly designed interior layout. Those special touches are reserved for the real book geeks (also like me).

If you’ve already read the book, I’d be eternally grateful if you would take a minute of your time to visit the book’s pages and leave a customer review to let the vast internet masses know what you thought of it and why they also ought to read it without delay. Of course, if you thought it was rubbish I’d be more grateful if you lied and said otherwise. I’m not condoning lying, mind you, just nudging you toward a looser interpretation of the rating system.

Click here to post your review in the Kindle Store.

Click here to post your review in the Amazon Store.