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The Fiddler's Gun: Outbound!

Today an 18-wheeler pulled up and delivered a pallet load of fresh, crisp new copies of The Fiddler’s Gun. After ripping open a box I breathed a huge sigh of relief. There were no printing errors, the paper weight and color was spot on, and the rough-cut edges look great. After doing a rather longish happy-dance and passing a few out to friends, I loaded them up in the truck and brought them home.

First thing tomorrow morning I’ll be shipping the first copies out to my generous patrons and by the end of the day I hope to have filled all the pre-orders as well. I can’t wait for folks to get their hands on the book and I look forward to hearing your thoughts after reading. I hope you’ll laugh. I hope you’ll cry. I hope you’ll stay up past bedtime to read one more chapter. And when it’s over I hope you’ll trust me when I tell you that the best of Fin’s story is yet to come.

If you haven’t ordered your copy yet,
they are on sale exclusively at the Rabbit Room Store.

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