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Time to Pre-Order

Thanks to the support of everyone who pitched in and became a patron of The Fiddler's Gun, the book is off to the printer and the presses are rolling. I received the cover galleys in the mail a few days ago and they look fantastic. Sometime in the next couple of weeks an 18-wheeler is going to roll up and deliver a pallet loaded with crisp new books. I'm anxious for folks to get their hands on the book and finally start reading.

If you didn't get your copy through patronage, you can now pre-order through the Rabbit Room store. Order them now, before they're gone. What? I can't be optimistic?

For those that enjoy reading on their Kindles, I'm working on getting the book formatted correctly so I can upload it to Amazon for sale as an e-book. I've had a couple of folks ask about other e-book formats and I'm all for it. I've got to do some research first and learn all the ins and outs but I'd love to be able to offer it as a download from the Rabbit Room. More news on that when I know more.

In the meantime, get thee to the store, forthwith, and order a bunch of copies of
The Fiddler's Gun to use as stocking stuffers.