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Spread the Word

The Fiddler’s Gun is now available to bookstores nationwide. Until now, distribution has been limited to the Rabbit Room Store (still the preferred sales point) and Amazon, but now that Rabbit Room Press is distributing through Ingram Book Company, stores all over the country have the option to stock the book.

That’s good news...


Bookstores need to know about the book and know why they should stock it. They won’t order it if they don’t know it’s out there. So if you’ve read the book, I’ve got a mission for you. Get out there and tell your favorite local bookseller. In fact, don’t just tell them to stock it, insist! And don’t stop there, help them sell it too.

To encourage you to do just that, I’ll offer you a reward. Send me a photograph of
The Fiddler’s Gun prominently displayed, cover out (instead of spine out) on the shelf at your local bookstore and I’ll add your name to the advanced reader list for Fiddler’s Green. That means that you’ll receive a free advance review copy a couple of months earlier than the rest of the world. How ‘bout them apples? Extra points if you include a picture of yourself posing with the book in the store.