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The Fiddler's Gun: Letters

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When I wrote The Fiddler's Gun and came to the point in the story when Fin begins writing letters home, I initially thought those letters would be part of the book, part of the main narrative. That idea didn't last long though, it slowed the story down and didn't add enough weight to justify the slackened pace. So while Fin's letters are mentioned in the book, the content of them is left to the imagination.

Later, when the book was written and the process of publishing began, I revisted to the idea of the letters thinking that it would be fun to add them as footnotes or appendices. I also had the crazy idea of including historical evidence of Fin's exploits, things like manifest documents, wanted posters, docking papers, shipping invoices, newspaper stories, etc. In the end, I just didn't have time.

The idea did finally come to fruition, though. I posted a few of the letters on the website and then in a companion book, titled
The Fiddler's Gun: Letters. The letters are presented in chronological order (as best as can be determined) and each placed in its proper context and given an accounting of the manner and place of its discovery.

The bulk of these books, limited to a signed and numbered printing of 100, go to my patrons but there are a few left. This remainder will go on sale in the Rabbit Room store both as a stand alone book and as a package deal along with
The Fiddler's Gun. Once they are gone, though, they are gone for good.

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Letters Preview