The artwork shown below is about five years old. The portrait is by Chris Koelle and the sketches are drawn by Tom Bancroft. They both did an amazing job but I have to point out that neither of them had read the manuscript. In fact, they based their interpretations on only a few sentences describing each character.

In the case of Tom’s pencil sketches, the cartoonish, disney-esque style does not suit the story well. This is certainly no fault of Tom’s, he did an outstanding job given the amount of material he had to work with.

I only point this out because I want to stress that the style and tone evident in the sketches are not at all indicitive of the actual story of
The Fiddler’s Gun. They are presented here simply to give some insight into the different characters of the story and in some cases the unexpected ways in which the manuscript has changed over time.

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    Portrait of Fin

    by Chris Koelle

    Fin Button: Heroine of The Fiddler's Gun -- This likeness doesn't entirely capture the way I see her but it's a great interpretation that gets a lot more right than it does wrong.
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    The Crew

    by Tom Bancroft

    The crew of the Rattlesnake. Fantastic work by Tom Bancroft. If Disney ever gets a hold of the book this is what it would look like.
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    Cover Spread

    by Evie Coates

    Here's a look at the final cover artwork by Evie Coates, complete with back cover copy, blurbs, ugly barcode and the whole nine yards.
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    by Evie Coates

    This is a pencil drawing that Evie did of the actual 'fiddler's gun'. We had initially hoped to work it into the cover design but, sadly, it didn't make the cut.

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