A Note from the Author:

These are short pieces I've written for
the Rabbit Room over the past few years. I'm presenting them here because it's a shame for them to go on languishing in the archival recesses of the internet. I'll post one each week or so and maybe even add some new stuff in the future. I hope you take as much joy in the reading as I have in the writing.

The Taming of the Toad

Note: This story is fictional and any similarity to real persons, places, or horny toads is purely coincidental.

The Stonemason's House

This is a classical-style 'fairy tale' I wrote as an homage to one of my favorite authors, George MacDonald.

The Wander Beyond: Chapter One

This is very marginally inspired by a short story by Mark Helprin titled "The Schreuderspitze". It concerns a young man curiously afflicted by a habit of wandering off. The story is presented in serial form partly because of it's length but mainly just because I thought it would be fun.


The Wander Beyond: Chapter Two

A free copy of Mark Helprin's Ellis Island & Other Stories to the first person that spots the shameless Helprin reference in this chapter.